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TYfiber is a Gigalight company focusing on consumer optical interconnect technologies, product design, manufacturing and sales. Relying on the technology platform and patented technology accumulated by parent company in the field of data center, TYfiber has been making deep research and development evolution on HDMI AOC and USB AOC. The purpose of establishing TYfiber is to maximize the market of research and development results quickly.

The new generation of TYfiber AOC products aggregate the characteristics of low power consumption, lightweight and strong device compatibility, and convey the gospel to the fields of 4K/8K multimedia applications and machine vision. TYfiber’s products adopt mature COB process mode and advanced automated manufacturing system. The products with excellent material selection and different design concepts have the characteristics suitable for different application environments. TYfiber is the industry’s first choice.

In an era of cloud and Internet of Things, TYfiber will uphold the unlimited pursuit of high definition and lead consumer electronic connections to the golden shore of consumer optical communications.

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